Learning it up in Pre-K

A couple of weeks ago the director of Dylan’s daycare approached me and said that they wanted to begin transitioning Dylan into the pre-K class. My first reaction was, “But he is TWO!” She said that they have been wanting to move him up because he already knows what they are teaching in the toddler class. Apparently […]


Dylan started school again yesterday, and unfortunately, he was not excited to return. This year he is attending a Montessori school near our home, so it is all brand new. I know he will “get used” to school again and enjoy playing with the other students, but today I felt like an AWFUL mother. I […]

Infant Hour

I am a little behind on Dylan’s happenings, and I hope to get caught up in the next couple of posts… On Friday, Dylan, Kyle and I attended infant hour at my school. The Early Childhood Education teacher invited us to be “guest speakers.” Basically, we sat at the front of the room and the […]