Dylan started school again yesterday, and unfortunately, he was not excited to return. This year he is attending a Montessori school near our home, so it is all brand new. I know he will “get used” to school again and enjoy playing with the other students, but today I felt like an AWFUL mother. I […]


I introduced Dylan to the original Toy Story today. He was smitten (for about 5 mins.)

Happy Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day Kyle and I decided to take Dylan to the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco so Dylan could ride the carousel. I didn’t have high hopes that Dylan would enjoy it because I know it frightens a lot of children the first time, but Dylan seemed to really enjoy it. Here he is getting […]


On Friday, February 12, 2010, we got lots of snow (7-12 inches in the DFW area)! Here is a photo of the backyard. Dylan has seen snow in Kansas before but he has never seen it at his own house. We thought he might enjoy the chance to frolic in it, but he did not […]

So far in 2010…

In my last post – from months ago – I promised to share some more Christmas photos, but I never got around to doing it. So, before I begin with the updates on Dylan, here is Dylan with one of the last Christmas presents he opened. Dylan has been busy since Christmas. He has moved […]

Kansas Christmas 2009

Last Christmas Dylan looked like this… And this Christmas he looks like this… I am amazed every day at how much he has grown in one year. He is still as sweet and as handsome as ever! We look forward to all the Christmas celebrations to come. Until then, here are some photos from Christmas […]

Dylan’s First Birthday Party

Dylan had his first birthday party on Sunday, December 13th, and it was a hit! He got to open some presents and get some attention from friends. He thought about sending out thank you cards for the gifts he received (and he still might eventually), but he has been very busy with Christmas shopping, traveling […]

Nine Months…

Dylan turned nine months on the 8th… so I am a little late in updating. 🙂 For his nine month birthday he got to go to the doctor and get some shots. 🙁 He actually did pretty well and only shed a few tears. At his appointment we learned that Dylan is 29 inches (60th […]

The Big Tub

We decided that Dylan might like to take a bath in the big bathtub tonight since he has gotten so good at sitting up and seems to want to play in the tub now. Here are some photos of him having fun in the “real” bath tub. If you look hard you can see Dylan […]

Today Was a Good Day…

Dylan has been super active lately. He is crawling about, chasing Abbey around and getting in to everything! We started out the day by playing baby in the basket… which is really just Dylan sitting in the laundry basket while I fold his laundry and put it away; he seems to like it and today […]