My Daddy Didn’t Raise a Princess

My dad’s memorial service was Friday, December 16th. We opted for a small informal service with family. During the service, guests were invited to share a memory about my dad or just their thoughts about him as a person. As people talked I heard words like kind, love, innovative, meticulous, role model. I had intended […]

Dad’s Video

I have been working on my dad’s tribute video. Hopefully this will be the final version. You can check it out at the link below. Dad’s Video I think he would like it.

I love you Dad

My Daddy

I lost my daddy yesterday, and it just doesn’t seem real or possible to be living in a world without him. Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day and the start of a new life for my dad. After waiting so long for a lung, Dad got the call yesterday morning at 2:00am. It […]

The Christmas Story

Dylan decided he wanted to read to me tonight instead of me reading to him. Here he is “reading” one of his Christmas stories to me. We have only read the story a few times, so I think he did a pretty good job remembering he main points. dylan-reading-the-christmas-story And, on a side note, Dylan […]