Learning it up in Pre-K

A couple of weeks ago the director of Dylan’s daycare approached me and said that they wanted to begin transitioning Dylan into the pre-K class. My first reaction was, “But he is TWO!” She said that they have been wanting to move him up because he already knows what they are teaching in the toddler class. Apparently they have wanted to challenge him more, and since he is potty trained now, she said he is ready to go to pre-K.

I was a little leary because he is two, and I am not sure he really needs to be “challenged” academically quite yet. He has plenty of time for that and I wanted to make sure he gets enough time to just have fun, but I told her they could give it a try and see how he did. At first he didn’t do real well because he missed his little toddler friends and his teacher. So, they began transitioning him in for a few hours a day, and then half the day, and now he is whole day.

He is really enjoying the pre-K class now, and I know he will love it even more once his “best friend” gets moved up with him. He is really proud of what he has been learning. So, I guess it was a good decision (although he looks really small compared to the four year olds.)

Some of the things he has been learning crack me up, so I thought I would share some of his songs and such with you all.

The Pledge of Allegiance makes me laugh because every time he says it, I envision his little preschool class standing up with their hands over their hearts saying it, and for some reason that is hilarious to me (not to mention the hilarity of some of his pronunciation.)

I asked Dylan if they practice writing letters, and he said no. They do, however, practice tracing “pre-writing shapes” like curvy lines, circles, etc. Dylan is quite proud of his “work”. Every morning he tells me he has to go to pre-K and do a good job on his work. Tonight he wanted to practice tracing so I pulled out a little book I got at Costco awhile back and he had fun showing me how he traces his lines and shapes. While he was “working”, I couldn’t help but notice that they must be teaching in pre-K on how to hold the pencil correctly because he did a great job.

Now lest you think Dylan is all about learning and work, this video shall prove you wrong.


The boy is obsessed with sports.

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