Rawr! Rawr!

Kyle decided to surprise me and take Dylan and me to the Chinasaurs exhibit at Fair Park for my birthday on Saturday. Here is a little of what we saw. I have taken the liberty to add in a little narration as well (based on my recollections.)

“Rawr! Rawr!” said the T-Rex.

“Hold me Mommy! I being shy to the dinosaur,” said Dylan. (FYI – He clearly stated that he wasn’t scared but just being shy.)

“Look a baby dinosaur! That my baby dinosaur!” shouted Dylan.

“Look Daddy, that a Stegosaurus! Cheese!” Dylan exclaimed.

“Rawr! Rawr!” said the creepy animatronic Triceratops.

“It’s the last dinosaur! Bye dinosaurs! Bye! See you later!” Dylan shouted.

After the dinosaurs we stepped over to the science museum for some hands on activities. Since we were using our hands, and I was tired, I didn’t take as many pictures.

“Balls!” exclaimed Dylan. “Yes, it looks like some sort of Physics contraption,” Mommy said.

“Weeee!” Dylan screamed as he went down the slide attached to the firetruck (over and over again.)

The Chinasaurs and the Science Museum were followed up by lunch at Baker Brothers and some errands. We had some good family time which made for a great birthday!

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