We have been so busy lately with the start of school and moving to our new house, that I have not taken the time to post any news about Mr. Dylan.

I have taken too many photos and of Dylan since my last post to share them all, so I will just share a few of my favorites.

Here is Dylan with his walking toy. Yes, he is walking… he still needs some assistance for stability, but he is pushing his little walking toy as well as standing up around tables, etc. and then walking around them while keeping hold with his hands.

Dylan has adapted well to the new house and has decided that he likes swimming after all. Here he is enjoying the pool for the first time.

Dylan LOVES playing with his new ball.

And, here is Mr. Dylan enjoying the pool and his new floaty.

In my last post I reported that Dylan said Mama for the first time. Since then, he has said Da-da and bye-bye (really ba ba). Woo hoo!

He is getting so big!!

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