A Conglomeration

It has been a busy couple of weeks and I haven’t taken time to post, so this is going to be a conglomeration of several days of photos and video. Kyle had to go to the dentist the other day, so we took Dylan to meet Dr. Flesher (my longtime family dentist). Dylan enjoyed the […]

Pulling Up and Playing it up for the Camera

Since I hadn’t posted any video of Dylan pulling up yet, I figured I should before he starts doing something new.  The problem is that Dylan LOVES the camera and once he sees it, he starts smiling and hamming it up. So, here is my first attempt at getting Dylan on camera crawling and pulling […]

The Big Tub

We decided that Dylan might like to take a bath in the big bathtub tonight since he has gotten so good at sitting up and seems to want to play in the tub now. Here are some photos of him having fun in the “real” bath tub. If you look hard you can see Dylan […]

Dylan and Abbey’s New Game

Abbey LOVES to play, and she enjoys being chased around the house by Kyle. But last night Kyle discovered that Dylan loves chasing Abbey too, and she has fun being chased by him. 🙂 (I have decided that Dylan might enjoy being video taped a little too much… pay attention to how he “plays” to […]

Fun in the Bath

Dylan has been enjoying his bath time a little more lately. He has been sitting up in his little tub instead of reclining like he usually does, and he has been playing with his toys and patting the water. It is VERY cute. Here are some videos of him playing in the bath tonight. What […]