Today Was a Good Day…

Dylan has been super active lately. He is crawling about, chasing Abbey around and getting in to everything! We started out the day by playing baby in the basket… which is really just Dylan sitting in the laundry basket while I fold his laundry and put it away; he seems to like it and today […]

License and Registration Please!

Dylan’s Uncle Anthony is a policeman in Kansas and on our last visit he gave us a cute little police car that his daughter Samantha had outgrown. It has been sitting in our garage since we brought it home because Dylan has been too little for it, but we decided to let Dylan give it […]

Father’s Day

Dylan presented Kyle with his first Father’s Day present last night – a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. Dylan was mighty proud that he could hold the present himself. We made Kyle close his eyes and when he opened them, Dylan was holding his present. Dylan decided to give Kyle the present last night so […]

I Need More Baby Pool Party!

Riley’s mom, Maureen, sent me some cute photos she took of Riley and Dylan at the baby pool party so I thought I would share them here. The rest of the photos Maureen took are of Dylan “swimming.” I had gone inside to do something and my mom was playing with Dylan. Maureen didn’t want […]

Baby Pool Party!

Today was Dylan’s baby pool party. Things were a little hectic from the beginning because we had a house showing that lasted until 10:30 and the party started at 11:00 so we had to rush to get the pools in place before the baby guests arrived. Kyle did a great job grilling burgers, brauts and […]

“Walking” and Other Cute Video

We have been using the little Flip video camera a lot lately, so I thought I would post some of the cute moments with have captured. When Dylan isn’t crawling around everywhere he likes to stand and “walk.” So, here he is taking the trek down the hallway. As you can see, he is quite […]

A Busy Summer

Although it is summer time, we have been keeping busy! Kyle has been transitioning into his head coaching position in Frisco by attending weights each morning, ordering equipment and learning about his new school.  We listed our house in the hopes of selling it and finding a new one to lessen the drive time for […]

Where Has The Time Gone?

Today is Dylan’s 6 month birthday! He has grown so much since he was born. Here is a little photo montage of him from birth until now. Here is Mr. Dylan right after he was born… so little! Thankfully Dylan enjoys his baths now! Dylan does not swaddle up quite as well in his towels […]

Abbey is Obsessed

The older and more active Dylan has become, the more obsessed Abbey is with him. Luckily he loves her too. Tonight Kyle decided to perch Dylan on top of the couch for some reason which caused Abbey to side jump up over and over in order to lick him. We all found it quite comical […]

Slow Down Baby!

Dylan is growing up too fast! He turns six months in a little over a week, and I have a sneaking suspicion that his new monthly “skill” will be crawling. He has been scooting around for a couple of weeks and yesterday he started some pre-crawl activities. This video is longer than I usually post, […]