Baby in the Water!

Dylan attended his first pool party today! His friend from daycare, Jimena, turned five and invited us to come swimming and celebrate her new age. Dylan has never been in a pool before… and he was not such a fan. Here he is giving it an initial try. And for a minute he thought it […]

Carrots Revisited

Dylan decided to give carrots another chance for dinner tonight, and he decided they aren’t so bad. He looks very cute with the carrots all over his face!

Carrots… YUK!

Well, Dylan tried carrots with his dinner tonight, and at first he seemed to like them… And then he apparently decided they are gross! We are going to try them one more time for dinner tomorrow and if he still doesn’t like them then I guess we will move them out of the rotation for […]

The Next Martin Scorsese

After Kyle finished filming Dylan eating his carrots for dinner, Dylan became quite interested in the Flip Video camera. He decided he wanted to try his hand at video production, so Kyle handed over the Flip. Here is Dylan’s first shot behind the video camera… He definitely needs some help with framing his shots, but […]

A Dylan Update

Dylan has been busy since the last time I posted… And he seems like he has grown an inch and a couple of pounds in the last week but I am sure I am just imagining that. He is doing very well eating his baby food, and so far we have tried applesauce, green beans, […]

What a Mess!

Dylan tried to help me feed him his dinner tonight by grabbing the spoon with his hands. This is the mess that ensued! Luckily it was bath night!

Mother’s Day

I had an excellent first Mother’s Day! When I picked Dylan up from daycare on Friday, he had “made” me a gift. It is a little flower pot to hold pens and it has Dylan’s little feet prints on it. It is very cute, and he seemed quite proud of himself when he gave it […]

Green Beans!

I will try not to post a video of EVERY food as Dylan tries it, but I can’t promise anything. 🙂 We decided to let him try a vegetable instead of another fruit, so here is Mr. Dylan trying green beans for the first time. He seemed to enjoy them (I tried them and thought […]

Jumping it Up

Dylan is 5 months old today! In celebration of his new age, he decided to jump it up in the Jumperoo his friend Diego lent him. It was his first time in the Jumperoo, and he seems to like it. We were trying to find the best height in which to set the Jumperoo, and […]


Yesterday Dylan tried applesauce for the first time! He has been eating cereal with a spoon since he turned 4 months (so a couple of weeks now). He has had the rice and oatmeal single grain cereals and seems to like them pretty well, so we decided to go ahead and introduce some fruits. We […]