Dylan and His Walking Wings

My mom and dad bought some Walking Wings for Dylan to help him (and our backs) when he starts walking. He wants to stand just about all of the time and lately has been picking his little feet up and down like he is walking, so I thought we would give these a try. He […]

Shopping in Hillsboro

Last Saturday Phillip rode with me and Dylan to Hillsboro so Dylan could meet his Aunt Dana, Delaney and Mam. Dylan slept on the way to Hillsboro and the way back; he was really good in the car. Phillip was a great help with Dylan; he carried him around and pushed his stroller while I […]

Dylan and the Exersaucer

Thanks to Diego (Dylan’s friend from daycare), Dylan has a fun new toy to play with… the Exersaucer! Here are some cute videos of him having some fun (and wearing himself out) before bedtime.

Cereal Take 3

Tonight was Dylan’s third attempt at cereal with a spoon. He definitely knows that the spoon has food on it and he knows to get it in his mouth, but once the food is in there, he has a difficult time keeping it in his mouth. He really seems to enjoy sitting in his little […]

Easter Sunday and a Few Milestones

Dylan had a big day today! He decided to officially rollover from his back to his front (official means Kyle saw it this time), and we caught it on video. Now that he can rollover onto his tummy he seems to want to do it all the time, although when we put him on his […]

Dylan’s 4 Month Check-up

Yesterday was Dylan’s 4 month check-up and shots. He did as well as can be expected at the doctor; he cried for a couple of minutes after the poking but seemed fine afterward… until today when he has been pretty fussy. 🙁 The check-up went well at least. Dr. Curry prounounced him a healthy little […]

4 Months!

Yesterday was Dylan’s 4 month birthday!! He has his check-up and shots tomorrow, so I will post some pictures and stats after we visit the doctor. I haven’t taken many pictures lately (with the “real” camera at least), but I will share some of the ones I have taken with my cell phone camera in […]

All Night Long!

So, it has finally happened! Last night Dylan slept from 7:30pm until 5:10am. Tonight we will find out  if it was a fluke or not… hopefully he is starting a trend. 🙂 After he had his morning bottle, he was “spent” and went back to sleep until he left for daycare.