Cute Videos of Dylan aka The Amazing Little Baby

It has been awhile since I have uploaded any video of Dylan and his shenanigans, so I thought I would take a few minutes to post some today while we watched some basketball. Because of the excessive drool and eating of his hands, I thought Dylan might be starting to teethe so I bought him […]

Dylan’s First Road Trip

Friday after work Kyle and I packed up the car, got Dylan ready and started our trek to Kansas so Dylan could meet all of Kyle’s peeps there. Since we decided to spend Dylan’s first Christmas at home this year, we have not made it to Kansas yet and we figured Spring Break was as […]

Please Don’t Hurt the Bear

Last week I posted a plea for Dylan’s readers to help him find another Mr. Bear, and today he received this menacing response from Brynleigh. Dylan was shocked when I read him the letter. In the hopes of saving the bear from harm, Dylan has decided to post his response here. Dear Little Baby B, […]

Three Months Old!

On Sunday, Dylan turned three months old! In honor of his birthday (and him getting too big for the Papasan chair his Mamma and Pappa Stephens got him), Kyle and I bought him a new chair. So far he is really enjoying it. Here are a couple of cute photos of him sitting in his […]

Infant Hour

I am a little behind on Dylan’s happenings, and I hope to get caught up in the next couple of posts… On Friday, Dylan, Kyle and I attended infant hour at my school. The Early Childhood Education teacher invited us to be “guest speakers.” Basically, we sat at the front of the room and the […]

WANTED: Mr. Bear

Dylan has become quite attached to Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear sleeps in the crib with Dylan, goes to daycare with Dylan, swings with him and makes Dylan feel better when he gets fidgety and fussy. The other day when I was shopping at Target I decided to buy a spare Mr. Bear in case something […]

Dylan Goes to Daycare!

We have been easing Dylan in to daycare the last two weeks. Last week he went twice for about an hour each. He was a good boy and seemed to enjoy himself. Here are a couple of pics from last week. Here is Dylan with Diego. Dylan likes to sit in the bouncy seat so […]