Dylan’s Newest Skill

While Kyle has been staying home with Dylan this week, he has been, “Helping him become more independent.” Dylan debut his new skill for me tonight before he went to bed. In case you are looking at the photo and wondering what the skill is… he is holding his own bottle! I know, he isn’t […]

Dylan and his Rattle

Dylan has been able to hold one of his rattles for awhile now, but I finally got some video. He likes to shake it around a little bit and then put it in his mouth. I know… a baby shaking a rattle, so cliche… but he looks so cute doing it! 🙂

So Busy…

I started back to work last week, so I have been super busy and exhausted and haven’t made time to post anything new. So, this post is going to be a conglomeration of a lot of things that have happened over the week. Get ready for some photos… Saturday Dylan attended his first birthday party. […]


I am happy to report that Dylan has been sleeping in his crib in his own room for over a week now. He is doing pretty well and I think is getting the routine down. He seems to know that once it is dark and we put him in his crib that it is no […]


So, I went to work for ONE day and left Kyle with Dylan… and I came home to find this… 🙂

New Videos Starring Dylan

I knew I would be returning to work today, so I filmed several videos of Dylan yesterday to hold me over until I could get home and see him again. Here they are in case you are interested too. Here he is looking cute… Waking up is sometimes quite difficult for the little guy; it […]

Random Cute Pics

Here is a random assortment of cute pictures starring Mr. Dylan. Dylan was fussing, so Kyle sat him up on the couch so he could see what was happening around him and he proceeded to fall asleep. Dylan is always very alert when he is getting burped. Here are some pics of Dylan looking cute […]

Tummy Time

Here is some video of Dylan having some tummy time this morning… sorry the resolution isn’t that great but I took it with my regular digital camera.

Dylan Meets Baby Brynleigh

Today Phillip came over and we took Dylan over to meet Baby Brynleigh for the first time! Neither of us had been to Sarah’s house before, so we plugged the address in to my handy GPS and headed over. We stopped and picked up some Pei Wei (which was completely out of the way because […]

Dylan is All Grown Up!

Ok, maybe he is not grown up but he is getting to be a big boy! He slept in his crib in his own room last night all by himself. Well, he wasn’t exactly by himself… he had Mr. Bear to keep him company. Here are some photos of him hugging up on Mr. Bear. […]