Poor Little Dylan

Dylan was a little fussy yesterday and was having some issues with spitting up, sleeping and such and around 4:30 this morning he woke up crying because he was having trouble breathing. His little head was too congested and, unfortunately, he only knows how to breathe out of his nose right now. He even had […]

Dylan’s Baby Fashion Show

I have had many people asking for photo updates of little Dylan, and I promised in my last post I would be posting again soon with some pictures of Dylan in the latest baby fashions, so without further ado… I give you Dylan the baby fashion maven… In this photo Dylan is modeling the latest […]

Oh, Where Oh Where Has Little Dylan Gone?

No, worries. Little Dylan is still safe and sound. It has just been a few days since his mother has been able to post any news. We are working on getting Dylan into a routine of sorts since I will be going back to work in the not to distant future and Dylan will be […]

The Big Rollover

In my post from yesterday, I promised to try and get some video of Dylan rolling over, and I succeeded! Last night, Dylan decided to cooperate for the camera and give us a little rollover show. So, here he is at six weeks <imagine a drum roll> with his big rollover. And just because I […]

Updates on Dylan’s Abilities

I figured while I have a few free moments, I better take the opportunity to update Dylan’s page with some news about him. Dylan is a little past six weeks old and has his two month check-up and immunizations coming up quickly (Feb 10th).  I am a little nervous about the shots. 🙁 Dylan has […]

Dylan’s First Wrestling Tournament

On Saturday Kyle’s school was hosting a wrestling tournament and Kyle asked me to bring Dylan up for a few minutes so he could get his first look at a wrestling tournament and Kyle’s wrestling buddies could get their first look at Dylan. So, I got Dylan all dressed up in his KU gear and […]

Dylan’s First Walk

Abbey has been overly-hyper lately, so Kyle and I decided to take her for a walk once the weather turned somewhat warm again. Luckily, Sunday was pretty warm, so I got her suited up for her walk and since it was a decent day, we decided that Dylan could help us walk Abbey from his […]

Dylan the Amazing Little Baby

Dylan will be six weeks old tomorrow and he can already sit up by himself.  REALLY!! I have the pictures to prove it! Pretty impressive… I expect him to start talking by the end of the week. 🙂

Milestone Update

It seems that when I wrote the post yesterday about Dylan’s milestones, I left one off. While playing on his Little Einstein gym on his one month birthday (Januray 8th), Dylan turned over from his tummy to his back. I thought it was just a fluke, so I did not record it as a “milestone.” […]

Dylan’s One Month Milestones

Now that Dylan has passed the one month mark, he is old enough to be able to do some things. Like what, you might wonder? Well, he can’t walk or drive a car yet, but he is able to do the following things: He has been smiling for awhile, but now he is smiling more […]