A Day in the Life of Little Dylan

Today was just an ordinary day in Dylan’s life. He was a little fussy last night so we slept in. He ate. He pooped. He watched his mom and dad play on the Wii. He sat in his Papasan chair and slept. Then he sat in his swing and slept. He had a visit from […]

Dylan’s First Christmas

Kyle and I normally spend Christmas day in Wichita, Kansas, with his “family,” but since Dylan is still so young, we decided to celebrate it at home this year. We opted for a small, quiet Christmas. Since Dylan is not old enough to really know it is Christmas (or what Christmas is all about), Kyle […]

Time with Mamma and Pappa Stephens

Today is Kyle’s birthday so my mom and dad came over to babysit Dylan so Kyle and I could go on a date. It was our first time to both be away from Dylan at the same time, and although we missed him, it was nice to get away for a bit. We went to […]

Dylan’s First Christmas Lights

Monday night we went for a drive through Kessler Park in Oak Cliff to look at some Christmas lights. Kyle and I go look at lights every year, and this year we got to take Dylan along for the ride. As you can tell, he was pretty excited about the prospect of seeing some Christmas […]

Dylan Being Cute

I have some random pics and videos of Dylan being cute that I have been meaning to post but just haven’t gotten a chance until now, so here they are… Here are some pics of Dylan sleeping… so cute. 🙂 Here is another riveting video of Dylan with the hiccups… he gets them all the […]

Dylan’s First Trip to the Doctor

Dylan is 2 weeks old today, so we took him to see Dr. Curry (Best pediatrician of OC) for his first check up. Once we got him all bundled up, we headed out for a trip in the car which calmed him down enough to fall asleep (he has been a little fussy the last […]

Dylan’s New Ride

One of Kyle’s friends at school brought Dylan a fun new gift the other day… a Baby Bjorn Carrier. We “tested” it around the house and Dylan seemed to like it (he was somewhat fussy but that is because it was time to eat). He needs to grow a little taller before he can enjoy […]

Dylan’s First Bath

Dylan’s umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday so we decided it was time for Dylan’s first bath tonight. (On a side note, there was some drama with the umbilical stump since Abbey grabbed it and started to run off with it in her mouth. Luckily when I shrieked in disgust she dropped it and Kyle […]

Our First Outing

Dylan and I went on our first outing today. We had to go back to the hospital so he could get his second PKU test. Kyle held him while his little foot got pricked, and he didn’t even cry (Kyle or Dylan)! He was a very good baby for the entire trip. We were very […]

Before and After

Here I am one week before Dylan was born. And here I am one week after Dylan was born. I still have some weight to lose, but I think I am doing okay for one week after delivery… about 17 pounds to go!